About us

JKN Logistics BV. was founded in Rotterdam in 1993. Our team has over 40 years of experience in multimodal transport services. The company was formed to meet the needs of the companies involved mainly in Oil/Gas and Mining Projects. Our team is specialized in door-to-door delivery from any origin due to partnerships with many agents all around the globe. Although operating worldwide, we concentrate our operations in the USA, Europe, CIS-Countries and Far East.

Our objective is to provide the best expeditions and economical services possible within our field of operation. Our general scope of work includes, but is not limited to the following

  • Coordinating with and expediting of Client's suppliers in order to achieve the schedule shipping and on-site delivery dates.
  • Negotiation with carriers and the planning and movement of material and equipment in the most expedient manner. This includes the charter of vessels or aircraft as well as the use of conventional sailing and flights.
  • Advising on special packing, handling and transport of oversize and difficult cargo plus the implementation of the necessary actions in order to provide safe and effective handling. It is our standard practice that such operations are wholly supervised by our own personnel.
  • The preparation and collation of all documentation required by customs authorities in both countries of export and import. We can also, if required, arrange full legalization of all documentation by the relevant Embassy / Consulate in the country of origin to certification by Chambers of Commerce.


In order that overall project objectives are met to our mutual satisfaction, it is recommended that our involvement is included as an integral part of the project planning at an early stage as possible.